• Surgical Applications: Laparoscope, thoracoscope, hysteroscope, arthroscope, cystoscope, ureteroscope, laryngoscope…
    • Form: Rigid and flexible endoscope
    • Function: White-light endoscope (HD, 4K, 3D), Fluorescence endoscope (HD, 4K, 3D)
    • Fluorescence endoscope imaging system can produce both white-light and fluorescence imaging that will help surgeons to have a bright and clear imaging, even for the minimal diseases. The fluorescence imaging is a new imaging technology that can be used in primary hepatic tumor imaging, kidney neoplasms imaging, pulmonary segments imaging, SLN Mapping, AL perfusion assessment. The components of fluorescence endoscope imaging system are laparoscope, camera head, light cable, light source, camera system, monitor and cart.
    • HD is high definition, 1920x1080 pixels, 4K are 3840x2160 pixels or 4096x2160 pixels, the total pixels are 4 times of HD which means have more pixels, more details, better color reproduction and quality than HD.
    • Fluorescence imaging technology is the newest technology and the most important direction of development of MIS. It can help the surgeons to see the minimal diseases, to see the complicated anatomical structures, to reduce the surgical time, to improve the surgical outcomes and avoid the complications. That’s also improve the publicity, surgical and teaching levels, and academic influence of hospital.
    • HPB, Thoracic, GYN, GI, Urinary, Breast, Thyroid…
    • Independent intellectual property rights of fluorescence imaging technology from R&D to production, high quality, stable performance.
    • Unique 4 CMOS and dual camera technology , high definition and real color reproduction for white-light imaging, high sensitivity and adjustable fluorescence gain, 4 kinds of color and fluorescence imaging modes.
    • Bright green for fluorescence imaging, clear surgical margin, integrated HD&4K capturing and recording.
    • 4 CMOS are integrated in camera head, three of them are for white-light imaging that will produce a real color production and clearer imaging, one of them is for independent fluorescence image capturing for a high sensitivity and more accurate fluorescence imaging.
    • One camera unit for white-light imaging, one camera unit for fluorescence imaging, non-interfering, real color reproduction for white light and high sensitivity for fluorescence imaging.
    • Can capturing the weak fluorescence signals, for example, the autofluorescence of parathyroid glands.
    • Can provide different levels of sensitivity for surgical needs
    • High sensitivity, less ICG for safety
    • HD white-light mode/ 4K white-light mode, for real color reproduction imaging
    • Standard FL mode, bright green for fluorescence imaging overlay white-light imaging
    • Color-scale FL mode, a color scale from yellow, green to blue for fluorescence imaging overlay white-light imaging
    • Multi-display Mode, a multi imaging that display the white-light imaging, the standard FL, the color-scale FL and the mono FL (black and white), all of them can be switch to be the main view for visualization
    • Yes, the capture and record function are integrated in the system. When the USB disk was inserted and found out by the system, the surgeons can start and stop the capture and record in any time. The HD system supports for the HD capture and record, the 4K system supports for the 4K capture and record, both they can have low, standard and high quality to select.
    • Yes, the system has the D+, W+, C+ enhancement. D+ for details enhancement, W+ for the dark field enhancement to get a bright imaging in the background, C+ for the color enhancement.
    • The light source has both white-light output and NIR light output. The color temperature of white-light is 5800K that is very close to the sunlight for a better color reproduction. NIR light is at 805nm wavelength via a laser producer, the most effective wavelength for fluorescence imaging, Class 3R safety standard.

All four conditions are indispensable

  • Bright imaging with clear surgical margin
  • High contrast fluorescence imaging, less likely to cause visual fatigue
  • High sensitivity fluorescence imaging, easy to capture the weakest fluorescence signals for surgical application
  • Safety, no harmful to the surgeons, nurses and patients
    • No, the fluorescence imaging system are the completed set, our camera system must be used with our light source for a stable, bright and clear fluorescence imaging.

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