The 1st Annual Meeting of ISFGS Asian-Pacific Chapter Ended Successfully

On 10th September, 2022, the 1st Annual Meeting of ISFGS Asian-Pacific Chapter was held successfully.

During the conference, Dr. Takeaki Ishizawa, Dr. Raul J Rosenthal, Dr. Han Kwan Yang, Dr. Xiaoying Wang, Dr. Catherine Teh, Dr. Rawisak Chanwat, Dr. Nicholas O’Rourke, Dr. G.V. Rao, Dr. Simon Law, Dr. Davide Lomanto, Dr. Chiun-Seng Huang, Dr. Fernando Dip, these doctors shared on current status and future perspectives of fluorescence-guided surgery of HBP Surgery, Gastrointestinal and Breast Surgery.


OptoMedic, as a domestic head brand in the field of fluorescence-guided surgery, always keeps independent innovation and has dedicated to the first-line clinical practice, keeps exploring more applications of fluorescence-guided surgery together with doctors,  combining better products with the needs of doctors.


As a partner of ISFGS, we will continue to share more valuable conferences with you, please stay tuned!

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